mercredi, juin 27, 2007


Ahhhh, Souvenir, souvenir...

lundi, juin 25, 2007

Pour une réappropriation citoyenne de la politique !

Bon, avec un peu de retard et après quelques mois d'arrêt, je reprends (et je vais essayer de continuer)mon blog.

Je vais commencer par un sujet qui date un peu, vu que ça fait depuis... Et bien calculez le vous même ! que les photos trainent dans mon téléphone.

Au détour d'une rue, à Dinan, je tombe sur des panneaux barbouillés et en plus c'est drôle.
Voilà la réappropriation de la politique par les français !

CPNT : Chasse, Pêche, Nature et Traditions (à la con) (Hunting, Fishing, Nature and (stupid) Customs)
J'ai déjà oublié son nom, il y a eu un vote CPNT à mon bureau de vote, on cherche encore qui c'est...

Mr De Villiers, avec qui le tagger avait un compte à régler.
In english : this guy is situed at the extreme right and so many people don't like him so you can learn some cool french words :
Assassin : assassin; violeur : violator; facho : fascist; and fils de pute : son of a bitch / hijo de puta.
One of His son has been accused by his small brother. It seems that he has raped his brother... Cool to be a noble ! I know that their blood is blue and must stay in the family but come on...

Et le dernier

José Bové, you know him he's altermondialist and he's famous in the world.
Usually, he's always smoking a tobacco pipeand not on the picture... :-( , so our anonymous friend has corrected it.

"Nom d'une pipe" (name of a pipe) is a french expression that you say when you're angry.

Adijo ljudi ! Se vidimo naslednje čas !

dimanche, juin 17, 2007

Putain les européens !

Hey people,

It's a shame I havent't wrote any mail since I came back in France. So from the beginning...

Pekarna, Maribor, Serbia and Beograd for the new year, a lot of parties with Laško, that was my EVS...

I left Slovenia it was one rainy tuesday but the saturday before I obtained to have Gustav (I speak for the previous Pekarna's party) to organise one leaving party.
But to do it, I said that it was one cultural night about Bretagne / Brittany (my region in France). One volunteer that I met before arriving in Slovenia, Guillaume, who's from Bretagne, was there with his staff to prepare pancakes (specialities...).

So all Pekarna's people were there, also the new EVS volunteers (now they are 5, I'll explain it later) and my EVS friend. Cool party.

And so, because of the arrival of the new EVS I moved to the Pekarna's guest room to live there for one week before going home. This week was crazy, friends who were leaving their hosting organisation were living there like refugees with all the staff, also one volunteer who was making a part of his future capital in Pekarna, a lot of people.
Nice ending...

Finally, on this rainy monday my car was full and I decided to have a last drink with Mathilde (evs from Pekarna), Rigel (Swedish volunteer, Pekarna), Luce (French, Pekarna) and Paul (french).
And Also Marjan in Satchmo !!! So I was thinking to drink just one beer but with Marjan... what a mistake !
So after... I don't remember how many beers, I've gone to sleep at 1 o'clock and at 3 o'clock I woke up and on the road !!!
After one liter of coffee, direction Austria (under rain), Germany (under rain), and Alsace, in France.
From 3am til 5pm on the road ! I found Emilie in Colmar, one friend that I haven't seen since 2 years. One cool break before finishing my come back.

2 days to come back, that was a very cool trip with a lot of rain. :-) But come on, we are EVS. ;-)

And what about Pekarna ? Now there is a new Borut as director (the old Borut is still around don't worry) (it's true that his name is Borut, conclusion : all Boruts are directors.)
And why so many EVS now ? Because an artist crew with french and belgium people came and they liked the place. They want to install one artist residence and that's why 4 of them came as EVS to build the project, exemple :

Me I came back in France and I started to work in a farm who produces cheese. They have goats (bêêêêêê !), they are 5 farmers in association, I learn the work, I see a lot of differents staff but I don't know... I'm not ready yet for this way of life. I got the travel virus I think, and I know in september I will move again somewhere !

Srečno pot !