vendredi, octobre 12, 2007

A trip in rain... in Britanny !

Zdravo people,

You know who came in Britanny in august ?

Yes Mathilde, Jakub and Aude.
At first we'been in the world music festival "festival du bout du monde".

And we've seen BALKAN BEAT BOX and David Krakauer with Socalled and so...

Balkan Beat Box, I found this picture on internet but the girl was not there for the concert
Jakub and Aude stayed one week to visit Britanny...
In Finistère (the real one) you have one day with a beautiful weather,

...and then...


Yeah, it's very hard for long hairs (but Aude is more pretty like this, no ?)

...and rain...

After this windy rainy walk we're finally back in the car

But come on, it's the good way to visit Britanny. Normally it's only raining when tourists are there,
We also say that in Britanny it rains only on stupid people (And we are fucking retarded I know !)

But the landscape is more beautiful ! It changes with rain

This is a picture of a beautiful nazi Blockhaus, took by Jakub

This place is the point du Raz, farest point of west Europe (Spain is Africa),the wind was breathing at 80km/h !

I'm kidding when I say that the weather was howfull, there was one sunny day, so lahko gremo na morju !!! (let's go to the sea !)

You can notice that Jakub keep his socks in his sandals (you're trying to look like a german tourist), me I'm perfect.

Ooooh we found a sea star !

Jakub is trying to kill a sea star

But there's not only the coast and the sea in Britan... Bretagne ! There's also tipical villages with old stones


Let's have a cigarette in Locronan (because it was raining)

Then we visited the farm where I was working (Ooooh Jakub is afraid of the goats)

In Quimper

What did you say to me when you left Jakub ? Ah yes :
"fucker, how can you live in this fucking country where it's raining all the time ?"

Ah ah ah !

3 commentaires:

Dave a dit…

Ca fait plaisir d'avoir un peu de nouvelle photos sur ce blog. Bien sympas la Bretagne ont dirait !
J'espère que tu vas bien !

Anonyme a dit…

Hey bastard !
how are you in your country in the end of the world??
it is cool to see this pictures after long time, we have cool memories and we spent cool time in fucking rainy Bretagne.
On t attend maimtenant a Bratislava pour des photos sous la neige !

Anonyme a dit…

tres intiresno, merci